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50 lb. Crawling Insect Control Diatomaceous Earth--EPA Label

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Price: $33.50
Prod. Code: DEEPA

 This is Perma-Guard's 50# bag of Diatomaceous Earth with the  EPA approved label on it.  Even though it is the same DE as all the Diatomaceous Earth that we sell, the EPA requires that in order to make claims that Diatomaceous Earth kills insects, it has to be labeled with an approved EPA label.  This is that product.  You can buy either the NON-EPA labeled DE for $27.50 per bag or the EPA labeled DE for $33.50 per bag---it is your choice.  Both DE's come out of the same mine and are the exact same product---just the labeling is different--but remember---for us to legally claim it kills insects,  the EPA labeled bag is supposed to be purchased.